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剑桥12 地图题 详解

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                剑桥12 地图题 详解



该图描述的是Islip市中心目前的设施规划以及未来的发展。图一以main road 为中心两侧是商店,其以北区域都是countryside area;南部主要由住宅区构成。图二单一的主路被双车道的环路所替代。环线内变成了步行区域,原来靠北边的商店建成了公交站,购物中心,停车场为一体的商圈。同时也新增了许多新的居民区。


  1. 与传统地图相比,该图不能单纯地把地图分为南北两个区域,比较南北各自发生的变化。如图所示,未来的规划已经几乎完全打破了原有的市中心格局,无法一一对应变化,进行对比。
  2. 变化过于细节和复杂。面对复杂的变化我们只能抓大放小,有选择的进行变化归类。也就是说,不能简单粗暴的划分区域,讨论变化。我们可以选择道路变化,商业区变化和居民住宅区变化来讨论。


  1. 开头改写题目,突出比较。

These maps compare the present layout of the city centre of a small town named Islip with the future plan of reconstruction.

      2.  main road 为切入点,分南北介绍现有布局。

As can be seen from the first picture, a main road which goes straight from the west to the east divided the town centre into two separated parts, shops were built along the road on both sides. To the further north, most lands are currently countryside while on the southern of the town, large acre of lands are used for accommodation with a school and a park in its vicinity. Both of these two places can be reached through bypasses connecting the main road. 

      3. 点明未来规划变化巨大,分道路,商业区和居民区讨论变化。

In the future, a significant change is planed for the town centre. primarily, the traffic in town will be extended on the basis of the main road which will be extended to a ring road with dual carriageway. Within this circular road, the whole will be regulated as a no traffic zone, therefore, the section of the road within the milieu of town centre will also be restricted in use  for pedestrians only. Moreover, the shops in the north will be removed to make room for a bus station, a shopping centre and a car park, lying adjacent to one another. while a few new houses will be built to their eastthe previous housing area in the south will be partly replaced by some new ones. Noticeably, all the houses are adjacent to the main road or branches of it. 






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